Rocket Radio is the Rock of New York

We are Rock and Roll

Rocket Radio  is  streaming music 24/7.


We are a station created by native New Yorkers that grew up with the pulse of the city and the music that fueled us...

From CBGS'S, Maxes Kasas City to Madison Square Garden to every rock venues In between.

We are all about New York, that's all we know.



Monday through Friday ............ Blues Rock - 8:00 am to noon

                                 ............ Pulse of NYC - Noon on

                                                ...........Post 2k new music, stay tuned

   Saturdays and Sundays ............ Anything goes, you never know.



The new F1 cars look amazing, with the wider tire and new  wing configurations the cars will be flying around the corners.

Should make for a very exciting season. Melbourne is right around the corner

Go Hass Racing....



* We are always looking for F1 enthsiests... email with interest*


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To our loyal listeners all over the world , thank you for your support.. It took us  almost 12  months to get the

station to this level.    And we have only just begun. We will be adding  a lot more new tunes in the

 very near future.  We will be attemping  some live broadcast.

 We will be visiting some interesting places in The City as we call it, and  hope to bring you some videos via Periscope, Youtube etc.

We would love to hear from our listeners via email. Please drop us a line with some suggestions, likes, dislikes etc.




Live, Love, Rock

Sincerely Speaking,

T.J Dowd, Founder   11/1/2016

If you are experiencing issues with the player,

please be patient as we are currently in testing phases.

We are working hard at trying to bring you the best

experience possible. In the meantime, let us know what

you would like to hear on Rocket Radio by sending us an email!