Rocket Radio is the Rock of New York We are Rock and Roll Rocket Radio is streaming music 24/7. We are a station created by native New Yorkers that grew up with the pulse of the city and the music that fueled us... From CBGB'S, Max's Kansas City to Madison Square Garden to every rock venues In between. We are all about New York, that's all we know. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new member of the team, a broadcast professional, JC Rocker! Tune into The House of Hard Rocks at 10PM daily. RR is continuing quest to support local bands, artist and venues. Below is our upcoming events... April 26th - The Neal Alpert Band...Ottos ( Shrunking Head ) 14th Street NYC 10:00PM May 28th - The Neal Alpert Band...Rocking for The Troops, (Fleet Week) Staten Island, NYC Radio Schedule Monday through Friday ............ Blues Rock - 8:00 am to noon ............ Pulse of NYC - Noon to 10pm ............ JC Rocker's House of Hard Rocks 10pm to Midnight Tuesday Nights Live Broadcast with Robin Rich and Tommy Dowd @ 8:00 PM Formula 1 Breaking News Ladies and Gentleman Start your engines... The next race is scheduled for April 29th at the Baku City Circuit. RocketRadio.NYC will attempt simulcast broadcasting during the race. We will be broadcasting live during the races, we will have 25 phone lines open for discussion and comments... Our Formula 1 Live Broadcast show will be during all formula 1 races this season. Check for local TV listings * We are always looking for F1 enthsiests... email with interest* Contact us for more information or questions about Rocket Radio. Learn how you can be a part of the movement! We would love to hear from our listeners via email. Please drop us a line with some suggestions, likes, dislikes etc. Live Love Rock